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Eco 58
Eco 58 has been designed to able to live independently, while still being close to family, is an important choice for many retirees.
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Eco 59
Eco 59 a freestanding living pod that's perfect for the backyard.
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Eco 65
A clever Atlas Living home offers this couple the chance to build on their dreams of travel and adventure (Eco 65). read more +
Eco 65 / Mod 65
A design that can fit into two ranges: an extension to an existing home (Mod 65), or as an independent and private "granny flat" (Eco 65). read more +
Eco 66
Flexible space is the answer for those who are short on space and living in a cramped home.
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Eco 70
Independent living at the back of a property and is an ideal choice for those with elderly parents or adult children. read more +
Mod 88
If you have an older home you adore... but it's not quite big enough for the growing tribe, maybe it's time to think about gaining more space.  read more +
Mod 90
This contemporary, modular system from is a sleek, alternative way to add space.  read more +
Mod 90
If a growing family brings the need for additional living space in your home, expand, rather than relocate.  read more +
Green Design
Energy consciousness and the future of our planet is now an issue that cannot be ignored by any industry. read more +
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