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If you have an older home you adore ... but it's not quite big enough for the growing tribe, maybe it's time to think about gaining more space. Here's why Atlas Living's Mod 88 is a good alternative to a traditional home extension

The children have started at a great school and settled in nicely, and you have got the morning commute down pat. Your neighbours are great and it was well worth buying that smaller home because of the location - and most likely the price too. But now as the kids get bigger your cramped older home is feeling decidedly, well, small. Sound familiar?

Renovating can seem like a daunting option as you weigh up living in a building site for the next six months or more.  So what if the option was a separated extension that could let you live as you are while they build it outback?

Atlas Living's Mod 88 is a self-contained linked extension and there's a host of reasons why it could be good choice for you.  It offers two bedrooms, a bathroom plus an open -plan living/dining/kitchen, all within an 117sqm rectangular frame that can linked to the back or side of your home, depending on your block and the available space. There's also an outdoor zone as part of the package.

You may want to ditch your old kitchen because this has a good-sized galley-style kitchen with a long island bench and a heap of storage cupboards. Atlas Living's Julie Durand says the beauty of opting for a linked home extension over a traditional renovation or addition is that it causes as little disruption as possible to your normal family life during construction.

"Clients are able to stay in their existing homes while we build their beautiful new space, then at the end we link the existing and new spaces together seamlessly," she says.

"The new space is linked to your existing home with a unique, light-filled, fully enclosed walkway. Besides providing safe and comfortable access to the new space, the link enables clients to extend their home without the mess and disruption that typically comes with home renovations.

"The flexibility of the design and the nature of the link means clients have more options to capture natural light and optimise the use of their backyard space."

Julie says the Mod 88 will suit families of all ages "who need more space but don't want to move from their existing area" and can be adapted to suit any existing house. "It is only really limited by the available space in the backyard," she says. "The extension also suits buyers looking for extra bedrooms - they might be planning a larger family or looking for extra space to sleep guests."

While most councils will restrict a granny flat to 60sqm, the linked extension will sit adjacent the existing home and can be larger in size. "The Mod 88 can be adapted to a stand alone addition for those who wish to keep their new space separate from their existing dwelling," Julie says.

"Many of our clients like to link their new space to their existing house when it is additional space for children or for a parents zone. "Separate dwellings or granny flats work well for in-laws or extended family, for those looking to work from home, and for those with older children who possibly should have already moved out!"

The Mod 88 can be tailored to suit the client including the layout , rooms and sizes. "You can also add form and texture with a wide variety of building materials such as Hebel, glass, modern composite and steel cladding to give your space its own character, " Julie says. "Most of our clients opt for a more modern look and feel, so the extension - and the link itself - become a real feature."


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