Our Building Materials

Our Building Materials

Our thinking is not cemented in bricks and mortar.

At Atlas Living we use a variety of the latest building materials to enhance the form and function of your home.

Using the unique properties of materials such as:

  • glass
  • hardwood timber
  • Hebel
  • fibre reinforced cement products
  • corrugated cladding

in a variety of profiles, colours and textures enables us to create homes with clean, modern aesthetically pleasing lines, strength and environmental sustainability

The benefits are numerous:

  • The latest modern cladding materials give your home architectural appeal, a high quality finish, low maintenance and wonderful longevity.
  • Our steel cladding makes your home bolder, stronger and better looking with a new level of thermal protection to keep you cooler in summer and warmer in winter.
  • Large glass windows welcome in light and reduce your reliance on electricity.
  • Plantation timber does not expand or shrink with temperature changes, does not transfer noise and has low ‘embodied energy’ making it the ideal ‘green choice’ for our frames.
  • Hebel is an extremely flexible building material that has outstanding acoustic and thermal properties that are designed to out perform traditional brick veneer. Hebel is also fire and white ant resistant.

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