Our Green Thinking

Our Green Thinking

It's all about Superior Design, Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

At Atlas Living, we strive to design and construct homes that are sustainable and environmentally conscious. The driving force behind this is to lower our negative impact on the environment and at the same time, make the homes we live in healthier for us.

The need for environmentally friendly building is becoming ever more important to reduce the amount of waste and pollution caused by inefficient design and practices.

We are leading the field in this new, innovative building technology. Through the smart combination of products, systems and processes we build without sacrificing aesthetics or sustainability. In other words, we build homes that look fantastic and are good for the environment.

Using the unique properties of materials such as glass, hardwood timber, Hebel, compressed cement fibre products and steel cladding in a variety of profiles, colours and textures enables us to create homes with clean, modern, aesthetically pleasing lines, strength and environmental sustainability.

Using a blend of the latest building materials enables us to build environmentally friendly homes that offer:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Thermal protection
  • Superior insulation
  • Acoustic solutions
  • High quality finish
  • Low maintenance
  • Long-term durability
  • Reduced building costs
  • Environmental sustainability


Walk around our show homes and you'll see they are not just a facade. You'll notice our more generous use of windows and doors that welcome in light and reduce your reliance on electricity.


Because we believe in "Green Building", timber's low "embodied energy" makes it the only choice for our frames! Timber needs only 10% -30% of the energy required to manufacture steel and less than 6% needed for aluminium. Unlike those products, there are also only negligible amounts of carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide and volatile organic compounds released into the atmosphere in the manufacture of construction timber. So if you care about where you live, don't consider any other material than timber for the frames of your home!


Hebel is an extremely flexible building material. It is fire and white ant resistant and also has outstanding acoustic properties, blocking and absorbing sound from outside and providing excellent acoustics inside. That's sound thinking! And Hebel's thermal properties are designed to outperform traditional brick veneer making it perfect for our extreme climate and for any cool thinking South Australian. Rendered Hebel also looks great and uses less than a ¼ of the resources and raw material of other masonry, saving on building costs while helping to save the planet we live on!


We use thermally efficient roofing materials which help to improve the energy efficiency of homes and reduce energy bills by reflecting more of the sun's heat. This advancement keeps the roof space cooler and provides greater thermal comfort indoors.

These are just a few of the ways we build homes that are energy efficient and have a smaller ecological footprint.

If you would like more information on this or any of our homes please contact us.

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